Monday, August 2, 2010

Shhhh....Don't tell anybody

Can the public approval of Congress get any lower. Congressman Charlie Rangel charged with 13 counts what makes people be so greedy to be a black congressman it should be enough to make you feel as though you have arrived in life you get a nice salary , you got prestige on Capitol Hill the Capitol police works for you. You are a Congressman with a powerful position at one-time blacks was not allowed to be one. So why when you get the position you try to to make money on the side it is not necessary. What is going to happen to Charlie Rangel. President Obama's made a statement on CBS news "I think Charlie Rangel served a very long time and served his constituents very well but the allegations are very troubling and you know he's somebody who is at the end of his career 80 years old I'm sure that what he wants to be able to end his career with dignity and my hope is that it happens"
Charlie Rangel should figure out a way to retire leave Congress with some kind of hope left, take the money it is time to run but to try and fight it, no he is going to lose. If he did something wrong he needs to fess up. Another congress person Maxine Waters who is outspoken who is well-respected when you hear her speak she tries to really help black people, to be in a situation where you are now being charged with some kind of conspiracy to make money with your husband and you are going to try to fight those allegations she may lose, if she did nothing wrong than fight but if she did something wrong she should look at trying to figure out how not to be charged. I think public opinion of Congress is going down but the Democrats have to try to fix public opinion Obama has enough on his plate. The bottom line is being a black congressman Democratic Congressman you have to really look at yourself and say how is this going to affect not only myself but the president of United States who is also black. It is a different ball game step outside yourself look inside yourself and be yourself. Shhh... Don't tell anybody